Friday, August 23, 2013

Global Scenario and India

In the year 2012 the top 7 solar PV market share holder companies are following and Yingli Green Energy of China is at the top with its largest share:

Yingli Green Energy (China): 6.7%
First Solar (USA): 5.3% 
Trina Solar (China): 4.7%
Suntech Power (China): 4.7%
Canadian Solar (Canada): 4.6% 
Canadian Solar (Canada): 4.6%
Sun Power (USA): 3.0%

Also in 2012 the share of top 5 countries in Solar PV Global Capacity(100GW) is as follows in which Germany is the leading country by its 32% global share in solar PV capacity

Germany: 32%

Italy: 16%

USA: 7.2%

China: 7%

Japan: 6.6%

India stands nowhere, so there are enormous chances for the opportunities to show India's presence globally.

If I am not mistaken India was the first country in the world to set up a ministry of non-conventional energy resources, in early 1980s. Still there is no presence of electrical grid in a large part of the country and therefore,solar power can be primarily used for water pumping and off-grid lighting. Around 35000 Sq km area of the Thar Desert has been proposed for solar power projects and some large projects have also in the pipeline sufficient to generate 700 to 2,100 GW of power. 

India is now ready to launch its Solar Mission under the National Action Plan on Climate Change, with plans to generate 1,000 mw of power by 2013.
The Union Cabinet is going to consider the mission document, which requires India to generate 1,000 mw of solar power every year by 2013. A complete package has been proposed to propel the power sector into `solar reforms' that could lead to annual production of 20,000 mw by 2020 if phase I of the solar mission goes well. The country currently produces less than 5 mw every year[1].

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